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Jun 19

How To Make Filipino Bibingkas or Rice Cakes

Filipino food, and especially dairy foods like “Bibingkas” or commonly known as rice cakes are extremely popular.  Here is more information on how they are served: The batter for the Bibingkas, is poured into a Banana leaf lined clay dish that was flat over charcoal, not dissimilar to an open face omelet. Just as soon […]

May 31

Explain Online Food Ordering System

Online Food Ordering System is definitely an innovation in food along with restaurant industry which uses the facility of Internet to produce convenience to restaurateurs along with their customers. The system allows the shoppers to get their favorite food from favorite restaurant with virtually no time or distance concern. The system is quite useful for […]

Apr 3

How to plan your next event effortlessly

If you mean to hire a catering service to help to make your next event is anxiety free and are organizing an event, the following suggestions will help to make locating the perfect caterer easily. Locating the right local catering service asking the best questions and starts with a little straightforward research. You can always […]

Apr 1

Popcorn – The Low Calorie All Around Snack

Smell the fresh hot popcorn aroma filling the air. Are you longing for an occasional calorie snack for in between meals? Popcorn is a snack that just requires 5 minutes to be made. Popcorn has been around forever however many folks overlook it for a healthy snack. This is often why popcorn is such an […]

Mar 1

How To Cook Sushi Rice?

Are you looking for some information about how to cook sushi rice? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this article I will tell you how you can make sushi rice in your home. The sushi rice is a very popular Japanese dish and  now become popular all around the world. […]

Feb 6

Warm Asian Style Noodle Salad With A George Foreman Grill

Asia is widely known for its multiple cuisine styles. From raw fish to grilled meats, it's food has spread all over the globe. Normally a salad has food mixed with different sauces to give it a distinct taste but for this cuisine it is not only this but also the variety of tastes on offer. Warm […]