May 19

The History And Types of Microscope

The compound microscope was made by John Cuff in the year of 1750. It is known that nowadays, there are various microscopes available in the world. 

They are the simple microscope, light microscope, camera microscope and electron microscope.You can visit to know more about the history of the microscope.

The light microscope uses three different types of lenses. They are the objective lens, condenser, and ocular lens. Objective and ocular lenses are placed on the ends of the microscope tube. The lens of microscope could be a single lens or may be double lenses.

At the end of the compound microscope, there is a place that holds the objective or actual lens that can be adjusted with three lenses or more. And, there is a special object table under the microscope tube.

The function of this objective lens is similar to the formation of the first image. This lens also defines the structure and the trace that will be seen at the last shadow. 

It is also able to enhance or enlarge the image of the objects, so it can observe the trace that is placed closely as two separate objects.

Meanwhile, the visual or ocular lens is a microscope lens that is located at the top point of the tube, close to the eyes of observers. This lens functions to expand the image produced by objective lenses.

The third lens system is a condenser lens. Condenser role is to illustrate the object and other microscope lenses. This lens also supports the production of lighting on an object that will be seen, so you can get the greatest separation power with the proper settings. If the separation power is maximum, two objects will appear to be one and the magnification will be less optimal.You can browse this site in order to get more information about popular categories of the microscope.

From a variety of microscopes, electron microscope has the greatest magnification. It can enlarge objects up to 500.000 times. Different from the light microscope, this microscope uses the electrons instead of the light microscope.

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